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About Us

A picture of the Austintown Hobby building taken from across the street after rain

Austintown Hobby & Raceway was created out of the interest and passion for the RC Hobbyist.  We wanted to promote, support, share, and offer the sport of RC racing to kids and adults in the local area.  Whatever your skill level or passion for the sport may be, we strive for a family-friendly environment that provides opportunities to learn and grow.

Come visit us in Austintown, right on Mahoning Avenue - we'd love to help you find the perfect RC vehicle to fit your budget!






Hobby Shop 

Austintown Hobby Shop with a variety of parts, pieces, and vehicles on display

We offer everything from boats, to planes, to cars and trucks.  Our cars and trucks are available for off-road and carpet.  We have everything a hobbyist would be looking for!

We offer a large inventory of upgrades for your vehicles, From tires to batteries, and paints to bodies, we have a large selection for you to choose from.  If you have an idea of what your next vehicle should accomplish, talk to our knowledgeable staff and they can help you reach your goals!

An overview of the Austintown Hobby racetrack


RC Service & Repairs

A pair of hands work on a racecar under a warehouse light with tools scattered around

Our on-site service center and repair specialists can help you get your vehicle rolling in the right direction!  With expertise in the racing industry and vast knowledge of vehicle building, we are ready to keep your vehicle on the track or in your backyard at peak performance and can offer advice on what parts may be best.

Our onsite workstations offer you the ability to complete repairs on your own vehicle if you decide to do so.  If you experience an issue before your race, grab one of our onsite workstations and feel free to set up your pit for repairs!



Competitive RC Raceway

An overview of the Austintown Hobby racetrack

We offer events and track time all week and weekend.  Everything from test runs with your vehicle before the big weekend, to first runs with your brand new race vehicle, give us a call and schedule your track time today!

Our CRC Fastrack Carpet track is one of the best in the region!  Our races are held every other Wednesday at 6:00 PM and Sundays 11:00 AM.  We welcome competitors and beginners alike!



eBay Store

The Austintown Hobby shop with parts and pieces on the walls and various counters

Are you looking for a part but don't have the time to make it out to our store?  Check out our online shop on eBay to have your products shipped directly to your home!  We have a large inventory listed online that is regularly updated.

Don't see what you're looking for?  Give us a call! 


It may not be offered online or in-store but we may be able to get it directly from the manufacturer!  

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